Top 6 New Trends in Education Technology in 2018


6 New Technology Trends in Education in 2018

In this era of digitalization, Advancement in technology has been a blessing for teachers as well as learners. It is rightly said, ‘Change is constant’ and so are modifications and alterations in the curriculum. Technology is the tool which is used by EdTech companies to shape the education system of India. This modification in the technology has the liberty to educators to alter the curriculum as per their convenience.

Internet has almost reached every part of the globe. The liberty to read, learn and download any piece of information anytime, anywhere has glued us to our mobile phones and tablets. With this evolution of technology, online learning or e-learning has also emerged as a boon for educators and educational institutes.

The freedom to learn anything anywhere. There has been a series of trends that have been going around for a while. Let’s see some of the top trends in the education waiting for us in 2018.

  1. Mobile learning:

If we talk about the biggest breakthroughs around in the world then invention of mobile phones will be the biggest. Educational institutions are bringing it into the curriculum and adapting the more personalized way of learning. Mobile learning is another landmark we’ve achieved that is revolutionizing the education system in India. With increasing connectivity, the mobile networks giving us easy and cheap data plans, we have the freedom to teach from anywhere to anyone.

  1. Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based technology has transformed the ways educators and learners used to interchange information in the education sector. It is used to store information on the internet which can be easily accessed afterward. It provides flexibility that further allows us to teach beyond physical barriers. Schools, colleges are embracing the technology as it saves their time and helps them to connect with other class students simultaneously via internet.

  1. Big Data

We have seen diversification in the products and services offered by EdTech, thanks to big data. Big data has been a boon for schools and colleges as it has simplified the process of schools. Big data can help educators and school authorities to divide group, assign work, monitor the results and help them overcoming the problems.

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We have already seen a lot of applications of Artificial intelligence earlier. Its time to see one more application of AI that is machine learning. This will prepare students to handle complex task easily. With the help of personalized approach, we can further fulfil the individual needs.

  1. Gamification

Gaming has always been a fun and entertaining activities for kids. EdTech companies are using technology and combining it with education to give better results. Gamification has resulted in better student’s engagement. It makes learning fun and motivates them to learn boring subject like history. Some of the platforms that have implemented gamification in education are Duolingo, Ribbon Hero, ClassDojo, etc.

  1. Augmented And Virtual Reality

The latest innovation happened in the edutech industry is augmented and virtual reality. They are sticking to the concept of ‘Seeing is believing’. They have bridges the gap between virtual world and the real world, bringing virtual reality into existence. The AR and VR have changed the education system totally bringing in a more evolved and improved learning experience.

Dr. Madhukar G Angur is a thought leader, a scholar and chancellor and founder of Alliance University. Dr. Madhukar Angur serves as a mentor and investor for many edu-tech startups. Dr. Angur now is planning to help young entrepreneurs to help them to scale and grow their business and take it to the next level.

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Madhukar Angur

Dr. Madhukar G Angur is a Mentor and Investor for Edu-tech startups. He is a thought leader, a teacher, a scholar, a researcher & an entrepreneur; Chancellor and Founder Of Alliance University, Bangalore.

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