Launching an EdTech Startup? Get Your Business Basics Right


In India, the education system is one of the slowest growing sectors. Instead of having many landmark educational reforms, our education system still needs to be revamped completely. An Education system should be fluent in 3 key components- accessibility, availability, and quality. The schools and colleges are slowly moving towards digitization. Due to the revolution in the field of education, we have observed the sudden shift in our education system which earlier revolved around teachers is now moving towards students.

These days, Education is having its own ‘Internet Moment,’ students can access anything from anywhere. Teaching and learning are no longer limited to the classrooms and books. With an upgrade in technology, knowledge and learning can be imparted online via various mediums and channels. India has a huge base for learners, so make sure whatever you come up with should be learner-centric. If you’re planning to venture into the education sector and thinking to launch your own startup, then you must know the ground rules to start a business. Here are few things one must keep in mind while building up their business.

Know Your Customers:  

Before venturing in, you must have an idea about the kind of customers you will be expanding your business. When you’re launching an edtech startup, the key audience for your business can be students, teachers, schools, and colleges. Among these students should be your prime target audience, as they form the majority of your audience.

So Edtech startups must come up with amazing ways to lure their audience. Whatever products and services you come up with, make sure they can satisfy their current needs or engage them further.

The Delivery:

In this technology-dependent world, the delivery method will be more technology oriented. “EduTech” the word itself signifies Education combined with Technology’. After successfully launching your startup, if you have plans of taking your business to the next level then there are two major components.

  • Scalability
  • Growth Analysis

Scalability plays a major role in effectively operating a business, and it tells more about how your business will respond when subjected to a wider client base.

At the early stage of your business, keeping a regular check, monitoring and analyzing your business will help you in making it better with time to time.

The Metrics:

In an Edutech startup, your audience is the most important metric. Everything- your vision, product and services and marketing strategies should be strictly based on that. In the education sector student is your target group, so whatever you develop and promote should be in a more comprehensive way. It should be resourceful, ingenious and have a capability to engage students.

Education sector seems to be the next big thing when you’re thinking to enter the market as a startup. There may be some challenges initially due to people flooding in the sector. Think more about creating an impact on your audience’s mind.


Dr. Madhukar G Angur, Founder and Chancellor of Alliance University, Bangalore has worked as a teacher, philanthropist and leader for the upliftment of education in India. Being an entrepreneur himself, Dr. Angur has always encouraged and motivated entrepreneurship. Dr. Angur is all focused to utilize all his resources ensuring that the change happens.

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Madhukar Angur

Dr. Madhukar G Angur is a Mentor and Investor for Edu-tech startups. He is a thought leader, a teacher, a scholar, a researcher & an entrepreneur; Chancellor and Founder Of Alliance University, Bangalore.

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