Initiative Taken by Start-ups Improving Education in Rural India


How start-ups are focusing on the Rural India’ Education?

The World Bank has issued a warning to India about its learning crisis. This warning was just an opinion that was mentioned in World Development in Report 2018: ‘Learning to Realise Education’s Promise’. The report revealed that, In India, a grade two student is not being able to solve a two-digit subtraction or even read a word of a short text. This will put India in really depressing state and this concern has now become one of the deepest concerns of the nation that needs to be solved.

Issues faced by our Indian educational system lacks in infrastructure, quality as well as the quantity of teaching staff. The education system lack in tools, quality teachers, but that’s just not all, the main matter of concern.

The Startups are clearly noticing the obstacle between the nation and education and are coming up with solutions or approach where they particularly focus on Rural India. In this approach, they are more focused on making the processes easy by imparting education and its implementation.

The start-ups are going to Rural India and are engaging them in schools activities and curriculum. They aim to provide better quality educational provisions with the few tricks up their sleeve.

Fun learning: Education in Rural India

Fun is a term that strikes us the most. Where there is fun, there is engagement and learning. Startups are incorporating the term into their learning activities. Exercises, assignments and other learning activities are designed in a creative and fun way and these have acquired more active participation of students. Learning delight is a tool that is built in the learning regiment which has digitalized learning and made it fun. Lessons are modified into stories which have grabbed their attention to learning.


Startups are introducing e-books and videos content into learning. The content is aided with audio and visual making learning sessions making them interactive. Advancing in this line, a start-up in a small town of Bhuwasal, founded by Pankaj Chhajed, LearnFataFat converts educational content into videos for students.

Regional content:

While imparting education, the basics are very important. The base here is the language or the medium of instruction. With a proper base, proper knowledge will be imparted.

The rural population may not be well-acquainted with English.  Harshal Gohil, a founder of Learning Delight, first observed that the teachers in the rural areas were not well-versed in English. With most of the technology initiative in the education domain are in English, Harshal has made sure that whatever content they create, they should have a regional language component to it.

Schools on Cloud:

Meghshala as literal it may sounds, it is a school based on Cloud. This start-up curates the Teach kits and marginalizes the basic interactive content for students. The Teach kits will include audios, videos, exercises, etc. which will be uploaded it to Cloud. The contents here are similar to that of a textbook.  Once the learning content is uploaded to Cloud, the teacher can download the content it and can teach it their students.

Dr. Madhukar G Angur is an investor, an education entrepreneur. Also Dr. Angur is a Chancellor and Founder of Alliance University, Bangalore. The latest news about Madhukar Angur is that he is planning to help entrepreneurs by helping edutech entrepreneurs by investing in start-ups in the field of Edu-Tech, Fintech, etc.

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Dr. Madhukar G Angur is a Mentor and Investor for Edu-tech startups. He is a thought leader, a teacher, a scholar, a researcher & an entrepreneur; Chancellor and Founder Of Alliance University, Bangalore.

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