How Are EduTech Start-Ups Revolutionising the Education Sector in India?

Technology is ubiquitous. As much as technology is concerned, there is hardly any domain which is untouched by the technology. The technology has completely transformed the way we used to read, write and learn. Earlier teachers were the sole source of gathering knowledge which is now replaced by smartphones and tablets. Conventional methods of teaching are undergoing a major change as educators and students both are embracing this new wave of technology.

The connectivity to the internet has also played a major role in the transforming the education ecosystem of India. With the easy connectivity to the internet, students can access any piece of information within a fraction of seconds. The high internet speed is further adding us to access high quality content. Concepts like MOOCs, and smart classes are gaining popularity over the regular one among students. Smart classes were an expensive concept a few years back. Right from the installation cost to upkeeping it, it was hard to manage.

The emergence of Online Courses

The popularity of MOOCs across the web have shown that learners and educators are inclined towards the new wave and adapting to it very well. The number of students who are registering for it is increasing annually by a considerable number. Nikhil Barshikar, the Founder of Imarticus Learning said “The possible reason behind the popularity could be the flexibility, convenience and customization that they offer. He further added, “The popularity of our course is because students are very keen in improving their skills with subjects focussing more industry which is not available in the regular curriculum.”

Big Data and Analytics

When we talk about education sector in India, Big Data and Analytics are closely related to the education system. The advent of these trends has resulted in better business models that were difficult to implement in the past. When it comes to the education sector, it becomes very important for the development of educators as well as learners. The main objective is to give them a personalized learning experience in real-time. With the help of Big data, students can learn at their own pace by taking their own time.

Adaptive learning methods, AR and VR are among the other trends that have completely revolutionized the education system in India. All these trends in technology have made students realize how they want to access the information and from where. EdTech Start-ups are further coming up with solutions that will push our education system towards the success. They are constantly innovating new ways to disrupt the education sector.

Madhukar G Angur is thought leader, scholar, an entrepreneur, chancellor and founder of Alliance University, Bangalore. Dr. Madhukar Angur is the founder/co-founder of many companies around the world. After having a long and glorious career in education sector, Dr. Angur is ready to become an angel investor for startups who are actively looking for funding. Dr. Angur holds a special interest in the areas of Edu-Tech, Healthcare, fintech, etc.

Dr. Madhukar G Angur has invested in the start-ups in the field of Edu-Tech, Healthcare, Fintech, etc. Dr. Madhukar Angur holds an expertise in the field of education and wants to help companies who require financial aid.

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Dr. Madhukar G Angur is a Mentor and Investor for Edu-tech startups. He is a thought leader, a teacher, a scholar, a researcher & an entrepreneur; Chancellor and Founder Of Alliance University, Bangalore.

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