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Indian Education: Our education sector has undergone a complete transformation over the past few years. The evolution of technology has been the biggest breakthrough in the field of education. In this digital realm, our ever-increasing demand for quality education has led to the disruption of the education sector around the world.

The edtech companies are also coming up with ways to make education more reachable and accessibility with the help of digital platforms which has made cross-boundary learning possible. We have seen a rise in the number of Indian students consuming the digital data and accepting the new wave of learning. Individuals are signing up for more innovative solutions that will help them in overcoming the current challenges faced by the society.

Welcoming the new age of learning

The education system is in the middle of a paradigm shift from the traditional approach to tailored learning. Indian education system has been open to any kind of modification and alterations. Education technology, or Ed-tech as it is popularly called, use technology for new innovations and advancements. When we talk about education, we get a picture of teacher, books and classroom. It not been a while when the concept of online learning was introduced with the help of technology to a more hassle free mode of learning. E-books, virtual classrooms and smartphone/ tablets have seemed to kill traditional methods of teaching.

The entry of start-ups has provided us with borderless learning and limitless opportunities taking us to the next level of education. Education start-ups are revolutionizing the education system, also making room for technology to fit in.

Indian parents have been very open to the new methods of learning and wanted their kids to excel in every sphere of life. Parents are just looking forward to delivering nothing but the best for their offspring. Edutech companies are not only bringing new technologies to the table but they are easy on the pockets too.

Due to the increased people’s engagement on the internet. EdTech companies are bringing online portals into the sector. To know more about the effect that technology has on education, EdTech start-ups went up from $944 million in 2013 to $1.5 billion in 2014 highlighting an increase of 71%. The market saw a jump of 96% to $2.3 billion showing the jump of 96% to $2.3 billion in just the second quarter of 2015.

With more advancement in technology, technology will have a big role in taking learning to another level. This is the era of technology, people are still trying to cope up with the new ways of learning and teaching. It is indeed gratifying that more and more individuals are recognizing and adapting the changes brought by technology in the global marketplace.

Dr. Madhukar G Angur is a teacher, a scholar, education entrepreneur, Chancellor and Founder of Alliance University, Bangalore. Madhukar G Angur is a Mentor and Investor for many start-ups around the world. Madhukar Angur latest news is that he is planning to become a mentor for young entrepreneurs and planning to help edutech entrepreneurs by investing in start-ups in the field of Edu-Tech, Fintech, etc.

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Madhukar Angur

Dr. Madhukar G Angur is a Mentor and Investor for Edu-tech startups. He is a thought leader, a teacher, a scholar, a researcher & an entrepreneur; Chancellor and Founder Of Alliance University, Bangalore.

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