7 Emerging EdTech Start-ups in India


Education technology has played a major role in changing the face of education in India. The global size of education sector is also increasing day by day. Investors and venture capitalists are moving into the edtech. Edtech companies have disrupted technologies to disrupt the delivery methods making the room for more personalized learning. Here are some edtech start-ups that have revolutionized...

Top 9 Tips from EdTech Startup Founders


9 Tips from the EdTech Startup Founders Our education sector has been flourished with startups. When it comes to edutech sector, there is a neck to neck competition. While entering the market, some of them are just clueless and fail in the process. While venturing in, some startups need a piece of advice that will help in expanding their business. So here are some tips that are given by startup...

Learning In The Future: 15 Early-Stage EdTech Companies to Watch


Learners and educators share an inextricable relationship. Edutech companies have always looked out for innovative ways to make education more interesting and engaging for students. Edutech companies have completely transformed the ways we used to take classes, coaching and examinations. EdTech Companies are constantly thriving for perfection; they have consistently looked out for ways to provide...

Startup Arena: A Valuable Aid for Every Startup


In this age of tough competition, startups are ready to do anything just to survive. Not just starting and scaling the services are important but managing the finances is of equal importance. So finding the perfect vendor who provides right services that fit in your budget is of utmost importance. So for saving the startup from buying the wrong deal, startup arena comes as a savior. Startup arena...

Top 5 Reasons Why EdTech Startups Fail and How to Avoid Them


The Top 5 Reasons EdTech Startups Fail and How to Avoid Them Education Industry is continuously rising these days. People are entering the market as entrepreneurs. There is no perfect recipe for success. Though the path is not an easy one, you can do whatever to reach the peak of success. Many startups fail in the first 5-10 years of starting it because of lack of planning, resources and model...

Startup Failure: 7 Main Reasons Why Startup Fails In India


7 Main Reasons for Startup Failure in India The digitalization has had a positive effect on the Indian ecosystem of startups. The startup culture has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the number of startups making it to the top. India has established itself as a leader globally when it comes to the startups and the market is flourishing like never before.The emergence of startups is slowly...

Edupreneurs: Propelling & Monetizing Your EdTech Startup: Tips for Edupreneurs


Tips for Edupreneurs: With the digitalization, the education sector has witnessed many noteworthy innovations and developments. Education bridges the gap between an individual and society with knowledge. With the penetration of technology, the sector is overgrown with many startups. There is an incessant demand for education and to meet the needs, more startups are coming more and more into the...

Startup Investors: What Investors Look for In a Startup?


Startup Investors: Investors and entrepreneurs share a unique relationship. There comes a time when every startup needs an investor for taking their business to another level. Making an investment could be tricky; the decision can either make or break your life. So the investor takes several parameters into account to evaluate the startup. Some investors invest in the idea, some look at the...

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