7 Emerging EdTech Start-ups in India


Education technology has played a major role in changing the face of education in India. The global size of education sector is also increasing day by day. Investors and venture capitalists are moving into the edtech. Edtech companies have disrupted technologies to disrupt the delivery methods making the room for more personalized learning. Here are some edtech start-ups that have revolutionized...

How Are EduTech Start-Ups Revolutionising the Education Sector in India?


Technology is ubiquitous. As much as technology is concerned, there is hardly any domain which is untouched by the technology. The technology has completely transformed the way we used to read, write and learn. Earlier teachers were the sole source of gathering knowledge which is now replaced by smartphones and tablets. Conventional methods of teaching are undergoing a major change as educators...

15 Books for Educators


Educator has an ability to shape the present and change the future of the students. They are the sole source of enhancing and boosting the creativity and innovation in an individual. Books are a man’s best friend and when it comes to a teacher it is a need as well. So if you’re a tutor and is planning spent some alone time then these are some awesome education technology books that every tutor...

How EdTech Can Change the Future of Traditional Education System in India?


The internet connectivity has made the world a small place to live. With everything information being online, we can talk to anyone, discover and learn anything by sitting in our living room. India has the second highest in terms of internet connectivity. Further the addition of internet and technology has disrupted the education field and paved the way for the growth of digital education in the...

Top 9 Tips from EdTech Startup Founders


9 Tips from the EdTech Startup Founders Our education sector has been flourished with startups. When it comes to edutech sector, there is a neck to neck competition. While entering the market, some of them are just clueless and fail in the process. While venturing in, some startups need a piece of advice that will help in expanding their business. So here are some tips that are given by startup...

EduTech Market: 5 Biggest Challenges the Ed-tech Industry is Facing Right Now


EduTech Market: The Education sector is the trending sector in the Indian market. The revolution in the field of education has led to the emergence of startups in the market. Many startups have come up with the latest tools and technology over years to make education affordable and accessible. Entrepreneurship might look easy to some but it requires proper planning and execution of ideas. With...

6 Edutech Trends to Look Out For In Future


EduTech Trends: The digital revolution has bridged the gap between technology and traditional methods of education. The idea of bringing technology into education sector was spot on. Edutech companies are disrupting technology to give learners an opportunity to experience learning beyond classrooms. The education these days is not limited to classrooms anymore but is giving chance to learn from...

10 Startups Revolutionizing the EdTech Space


Revolutionizing the EdTech Space: Education is a slow yet booming sector. Technology has disrupted the ways educators used to teach and learners used to learn. Edutech domain has witnessed a huge growth in the number of companies coming in. Looking towards the brighter prospects, the investors are slowly venturing into the sector.When we talk about changing the education system, Edutech companies...

EduTech: Ushering the New Age of Learning in India


EduTech India: Indian education system has been idle for years and now it’s growing, thanks to the burgeoning of technology. Technology has an important role to play in our everyday lives. Technology has combined to give a new dimension to learning; the rote learning has been replaced by more advanced methods of learning. Seeing the past evolution in the field of technology, we can believe that...

New Trends to Watch Out In Edtech Space in 2018


New Trends Which Will Disrupt the EdTech Space In 2018 Technology can be a boon for educators as well as learners. We have seen many trends coming in the market, since the last evolution of technology. Educators have the freedom to create curriculum, modify information and monitor results. With the increased internet connectivity across India, online and e-learning has been embraced by educators...

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