2017 EdTech Trends in K-12 in EdTech’s Innovation and Investment


Spotting the 2017 Trends That Fuel EdTech Innovation and Investments

Education technology is the current milestone in the education system. The current function of technology we see in EdTech is all because of the creative innovations of the entrepreneur in improving the education outlook with tech services, tools, applications, content, etc.Supporting the entrepreneurs are investors; one of them is Reach Capital which is all about supporting the promising entrepreneurs in breaking down challenges within the education system from the early education, K-12, and the higher education.

Students are learning via technology. Students of the present generation or the millennials are mobile natives and seems to be always connected to their mobile phones.

Almost anything can be learned on YouTube. Reach Capital says that 67% of the millennials have agreed that a video of anything they want to learn is available on YouTube.

Contributing to technology education line of help, Reach Capital Outlook 2017 has spotted the trending points in EdTech that has led to fuelling the innovations and investments in K-12 schools. These trending points are…

 Nearly all schools are connected to the internet, but the bandwidth is lagging

Virtually all US classrooms are connected to the internet. In 2016, there was an 83% internet connection seen in K-12 schools, but the bandwidth was not evenly distributed.

88% of districts had enough bandwidth for online testing but only 15% of the districts had enough bandwidth for one-on-one individual learning. With connected classrooms, the instructional resources and content focus has been broadened by EdTech.

One device per student.

K-12 schools are moving rapidly to one device per child. A 2:3 ratio of computer/tablet is to student usage is seen in 2016.

In 2016, Chromebook had 20 million users of both teachers and students weekly.

Digital devices are incorporated into the learning curriculum with low-cost devices meeting the school demands.

AdmitHub helps scale the 1:1 support gives counsellor more time to focus on critical conversations.

Learning and writing made easy: Al is here

Technology has supercharged writing with no more manual writing. Chromebooks, Google apps, Al, have made writing collaborative and feedback-rich.

Incorporation of google connected classrooms has enabled the proliferation of low-cost classrooms and student’s application.

Manual writing has become obsolete where instructions enabled are multimedia, two-way and differentiated. Student’s devices sync with the instructor and the course, and their routine will be structured accordingly. In this way, students will receive differentiated content and they can respond in real time.

Al gives instructions, homework, and exams. Al-assisted grading gives educators constructive and timely feedback on masses students. Frequent assessment is enabled with feedbacks within 24 hours.

Contents to instruction is breaking free of the publishers.

Instructions are digitized and the traditional publishers are witnessing a decline in their demand.

S&P has been up by 24% while the Pearson and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishers have gone down by 58% and 32% respectively.

Half of all the schools have allowed the use of textbook funds in digital materials. Texas has alone seen a rapid change of digital content usage in their instructional materials in just a year with 43% in 2014 to 93% in 2015.

Digital materials will soon overtake the print in U.S

EdTech is a frontier technology helping educators what they do best. EdTech gives access to educational opportunity, expose students to new perspectives. And to run a successful EdTech startups or business with innovations, there should be an investment firm supporting for this. Yes, and Madhukar Angur – The chancellor and founder of alliance university is the one who has done great contribution in the field of EdTech, Fintech, etc. So, if you are an entrepreneur and need investment support and a mentor for proper guidance, then Dr. Madhukar G Angur is the right person!

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