Dr. Madhukar G Angur

Madhukar G Angur is a Mentor and Investor for EduTech startups. He is a thought leader, a teacher, a scholar, a researcher & an entrepreneur. Madhukar Angur is also a Chancellor and Founder of Alliance University, Bangalore.


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EdTech In Learning And Development How To Help Your Organization Adjust And Thrive


EdTech Learning Development: Education Technology aims to meet the education end of individuals in terms of quality, deeper learning to attain better understanding, and real-life situational learning.To attain such an environment EdTech’s learning and development team builds a learner-based content and aims at optimizing maximum learning output and benefits. It is shifting its technology...

2017 EdTech Trends in K-12 in EdTech’s Innovation and Investment


Spotting the 2017 Trends That Fuel EdTech Innovation and Investments Education technology is the current milestone in the education system. The current function of technology we see in EdTech is all because of the creative innovations of the entrepreneur in improving the education outlook with tech services, tools, applications, content, etc.Supporting the entrepreneurs are investors; one of them...

Teacher Training: Tapping the Bigger Problem First


Education is the root of all good and bad things.  It is the weapon that is capable of changing the future of the world. All the countries are imparting education in one form or the other. They are constantly striving for improvement in their education system. Only with good input, we can get the good output, so is same in the education system. The Indian education system is the largest teacher...

Initiative Taken by Start-ups Improving Education in Rural India


How start-ups are focusing on the Rural India’ Education? The World Bank has issued a warning to India about its learning crisis. This warning was just an opinion that was mentioned in World Development in Report 2018: ‘Learning to Realise Education’s Promise’. The report revealed that, In India, a grade two student is not being able to solve a two-digit subtraction or even read a...

Changing Face of Indian Education – Rise of EdTech


Indian Education: Our education sector has undergone a complete transformation over the past few years. The evolution of technology has been the biggest breakthrough in the field of education. In this digital realm, our ever-increasing demand for quality education has led to the disruption of the education sector around the world. The edtech companies are also coming up with ways to make...

Education Disruption: Is India’s Education Sector Ready for Disruption?


Education Disruption: India is one established name in the global education industry. According to the UGC Annual Report 2014-15, the education industry of India has witnessed a 97.8 US$ billion dollar in 2016 and is expecting to make a mark of 144 US$ billion by 2020. The education industry in India is continuing at flash speed. Even with such growth rates, if we narrow down the top...

5 Reasons Why Education Sector Should Be Digitalized?


5 Reasons Why Digitization Is a Must for Education Sector Digitization has revolutionized the information world. It has made receiving and accessing information an easy task. Technology has made the world an easy place to live in, where every activity in every sector of every economy is being digitalized. In the education sector, digitization has a major impact in imparting education in the...

Top 6 New Trends in Education Technology in 2018


6 New Technology Trends in Education in 2018 In this era of digitalization, Advancement in technology has been a blessing for teachers as well as learners. It is rightly said, ‘Change is constant’ and so are modifications and alterations in the curriculum. Technology is the tool which is used by EdTech companies to shape the education system of India. This modification in the technology has the...

7 Emerging EdTech Start-ups in India


Education technology has played a major role in changing the face of education in India. The global size of education sector is also increasing day by day. Investors and venture capitalists are moving into the edtech. Edtech companies have disrupted technologies to disrupt the delivery methods making the room for more personalized learning. Here are some edtech start-ups that have revolutionized...

How Are EduTech Start-Ups Revolutionising the Education Sector in India?


Technology is ubiquitous. As much as technology is concerned, there is hardly any domain which is untouched by the technology. The technology has completely transformed the way we used to read, write and learn. Earlier teachers were the sole source of gathering knowledge which is now replaced by smartphones and tablets. Conventional methods of teaching are undergoing a major change as educators...

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